Sunday, November 16, 2008

so what are you guys here for? birthdays or .... OH WE'RE JUST HERE FOR SISTERHOOD hahaha your never gonna live that down hetty
cheryl is a freak she tried to rape me..
oh cheryl.. 
What the hell?
hello, i'm the milkmans daughter 

heather and cheryl came to visit gma peck and hang out with me  it was a good hilarious weekend 
me and my friend josh.. noticed i said FRIEND!!! cheryl dont get any ideas buddy :)
i was a punk/ hippie fairy dont ask me how i came up with this just didnt want to spend 50 bucks on a costume i was gonna wear once 
just a little up date to what i've been up to haha i know i havent posted in a long time.. school and work keeps me way busy but i thought i would take the time to put some pictures up here :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


this was when they had a girls night.. and i had to work.. so they showed up at the hospital lookin like that haha all the nurses and CNA's that were there got a kick out of it 
me and brixx.. kicking some arse! i think this shot turned out pretty good! 
HALLOWEEN!! awww i miss you guys.. cracked out fairy WHAT WHATTT :)
my best friends.. what can i say about them.. we've been through a lot of hard times together, being badass's and beating up girls who crossed our path, to being peace lovers and not wanting to have anything to do with a fight, haha we've had our high times and low times and i dont know what i would do without meeting any of them.  I LOVE YOU GUYS and i miss you mucho's.. "GREEN TOE" always and forever :)
 love, smelly 

so this is when the bugs come in..  YEAH... BUGS... i dont even want to talk about it.
this is the famous crack as i would like to call it not sure what its really called.. 
the roomies :)
car pictures!!

soo last weekend was a pretty eventful night.. my roommates asked me if i wanted to go on a little hike up by the crack.. so i'm like SURE why not.. its not like i'm doin anything else, so i go.. and lo and behold its in this crack where there are  A TON OF BUGS AND YOU CANT EVEN SEE THEM UNTIL YOU GET OUT yeah.. dont even ask me how that went.. i'm sure cheryl or heather can tell you what happened, and yes i still get made fun of for flaying my arms around and screaming at the top of my lungs on this huge rock for cheryls information.. i'm sure she wants to know how people are reacting to my freak out...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

me and david
playin chopsticks with my partner in crime
when alex came:)
our one and only grandma:)
my family :)
so since i am missing my family A LOT right now i decided to put some pictures of them up here of the past memories we've all had together :) i miss you guys and i hope to see all of you soon... LOVE YA!!


our lovely kitchen :)

my bunk bed that i'm still getting used to.. 

our ghetto living room with the green carpet and blue couches.. but the couches are comfortable so i'm not complaining :)

so i've been in school for about 3 weeks now and i'm startin to get the hang of it! my roommates are awesome and i know my family has been wantin to see a few pictures of them (JC is the one with the blonde hair and Bree is the one in the yellow and white shirt with glasses)  i miss my family a lot its hard being away from the insane people i'm used to :) but i'm workin on it!  just thought i would put some pictures of our lovely home :)